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Dispersal of Seeds and Eggs by Birds


Copies of these and other published papers can be obtained from

1.    Viana, Duarte S., Luis Santamaria, Thomas Michot, Jordi Figuerola. 2013. Allometric scaling of long-distance seed dispersal by migratory birds.  Amer. Nat. 181(5):649-662.

2.    Green, Andy J., Dagmar Frisch, Thomas C. Michot, Larry K. Allain, Wylie C. Barrow.  2013.  Dispersal of seeds and invertebrates by migratory waterbirds at Lake Texoma, Oklahoma. Limnetica 32(1): 39-46.

3.    Viana, Duarte, Luis Santamaría, Thomas Michot, & Jordi Figuerola.  2012. Migratory strategies of waterbirds shape the continental-scale dispersal of aquatic organisms. Ecography 35:001–009.

4.    Figuerola, J., A. Green, and T.C. Michot.  2005.  Invertebrate eggs can fly: evidence of waterfowl-mediated gene flow in aquatic invertebrates.  Amer. Nat. 165(2):274-280.

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