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ljm accordion 1960s.png

LJM playing accordion 1960s

LFM Jazzfest 2023 

lfm bteche 2021_edited.jpg
lfm blumoon 2021a.jpg

Dan, Tommy, and Rick 2016

Horse Farm at Moncus Park Gala 2016; photo by Alison Bohl Dehart; Rick, Tommy, Jonathan, Dan, Alan

Mulate's 1987: Rick, Tommy, Mike, Bobby, David 

lfm 2019.jpg

LFM 2019:

Rick, Tommy, Andre, Patrick, Louis

lfm profile 1987.jpeg

LFM 1987: Rick, Bobby, Tommy, David, Mike (profile portrait taken by Philip Gould in Pilette, Louisiana).

Rick and Tommy, Arkansas, September 1969, playing 12-string guitar and harmonica, respectively (photo by Stan Robinson).

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